Poem to Earth. Consider Us Fools

By Isadora Rawlinson

Climate change is here
It should fill you with fear
Catastrophe is about
Don’t ignore the screams and shouts
The planet is confused 
And every one snoozed 

The ticking earth
Cynicism and mirth
Diverse and unsolvable
The speed is uncontrollable
It’ s like a sickness
It’s now a big mess

Like a restless runaway
That pushes us at bay
The earth is changing
Priorities rearranging
Time for us to wake up
Time for a big shake up
Recycle your tins
Reduce the stuff in your bins
Reduce your carbon footprint
Walk more drive less( hint hint)
More windmills Less fossil fuels
If we don’t change now consider us fools.

(Isadora is my niece and she wrote this quite young, hatched down during Frankenstorm in Philadelphia, USA – Oct 2012. The picture is obv not Philadelphia, but it was in the Huffington Post at the time – moodily showing the storm. Am posting now as I just found it again on an old blog site I wrote for & I love this poem). Happy to post other climate poems, if you want to send on.