Ciara Shannon has been working on sustainability since 2001 and on climate change projects from 2006 working across sectors and her work or personal interest has taken her around the globe from Anatartica to Angola, Khartoum to Cambodia and Lithuania to Laos. She’s done extensive stakeholder engagement across cultures and is a certified change management practitioner, has lectured at various universities on corporate sustainability and climate change, has a Masters in Development Studies, a BA (HONS) in Social Science (Politics and Sociology) and a Diploma in Sustainable Energy. She is currently studying for a Diploma in Leadership and Management and doing a course on Facilitation. Based in the UK, Hong Kong born and bred.

FEES – please get in contact about my daily or project rate.

AWARDS – ‘Outstanding Earth Champion’, an international award for initiating and running the Climate Change Business Forum.

PODCASTS: Enjoys listening to #OutrageAndOptimism and Mothers of Invention.