I have intiated and worked on a wide variety of sustainability issues since 2001, focusing more on climate change from 2006. I apply a creative lens to analyse and communicate a wide range of complex issues, consider the trade-offs and turn ideas into actions. Building strong and diverse relationships is important to me and so is collaboration – connecting up across sectors, geographies and teams. As a certified Change Management Practitioner, I have done plenty of facilitation and engagement across cultures, as well as lectured at various universities on Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change. This is topped up by a Masters in Development Studies, a BA (HONS) in Social Science (Politics and Sociology) and a Diploma in Sustainable Energy.

Right now, I’m based in Cumbria where some of my family live and I grew up in Hong Kong. Am experienced in working remotely or more directly.

AWARDS – I was awarded ‘Outstanding Earth Champion’, an international award for initiating and running the Climate Change Business Forum.

PODCASTS: Enjoy listening to #OutrageAndOptimism, Mothers of Invention and recently to all things on Make My Money Matter.

HAPPY WONDER in Antartica, Assisi and Angola – stints in Khartoum, Cumbria and awed in Mustang and more.

Nirvana – A very rural cuppa
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Nirvana – Tarns in Cumbria