Have worked on, intiated/led and project managed a wide variety of sustainability projects since 2001, focusing more on climate change from 2006 and more recently on a creative sustainable finance project. I apply a creative lens to analyse a range of complex issues and policy, consider the trade-offs and turn ideas into action.

Building strong and diverse relationships is important to me, as is collaboration and I have done plenty of facilitation and engagement across cultures, as well as lectured at various universities on Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change. All topped up by a Masters in Development Studies, a BA (HONS) in Social Science (Politics and Sociology) and a Diploma in Sustainable Energy.

With thanks to Louise Soloway Chan


HOW DO YOU SAY YOUR NAME? It’s one of those Irish names and a ‘K’ would have been great! ‘Think’ Keira Knightley (works a treat) or Storm Ciara.

WHERE ARE YOU NOW? Right now, I’m based in Cumbria where some of my family live. I grew up in Hong Kong and some of my family are there too.

WHY EDENWORKS? After working with the business sector on climate change, I tried along with a few others, to bring to Hong Kong the EdenProject. Then I worked globally/ Asia with the faith sector around the Paris Agreement. Keeping ‘Eden’ made sense. And it works.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY NET ZERO? The simplest way to think of ‘Net Zero’ is as if it’s the Earth’s survival balance sheet. We reach ‘Net Zero‘ when anthropogenic GHGs emissions are balanced – what we add is no more than removed. 

Image Credit: World Resources Institute

PODCASTS: Enjoy listening to #OutrageAndOptimism, Mothers of Invention and recently all things on Make My Money Matter.

HAPPY WONDER: Mustang & awed in Cumbria and many more.

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Tarntastic, Cumbria